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The Classics Collection, named after King Giorgi II of Kakheti, is a well-rounded package for the ultimate Georgian wine experience.

This box includes:
  1. Mosmieri Saperavi Reserve 2016 - Red wine made from Saperavi grapes (aged in French oak barrels for 8 months)
  2. Mosmieri Amber Selection 2019 - Amber wine made from Kisi, Mtsvane and Rkatsiteli grapes using the traditional Kakhetian technology, only used in Georgia
  3. Mosmieri Chacha - Spirit distilled from pulped Rkatsiteli grapes
  4. Introductory information sheet
  5. Drinking Horn - This traditional wine glass alternative, or ‘Khantsi’, is the centrepiece feature of the formal dinner feast in Georgia. Historically, the horn is a way to honour your toast, as it cannot be placed back on the table until the wine has been finished, otherwise causing spillages. Not only is it great for use when drinking, but it’s aesthetic presentation also encourages owners to display it thanks to the silver cuffing and chain. 

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