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A perfectly chilled glass of ‘Vinho Verde’ wine, on a beach in Marbella and three wine lovers meeting for the first time. This is how Regibus was born. After being established in 2019, our online store finally opened for business in 2020.

Did you know that ‘Regibus’ means ‘Kings’ in Latin? When deciding the name of our company, it was crucial for us to incorporate our values and beliefs. We relate our business to kings as we truly believe that every customer needs to be treated like royalty. Traditionally, wine was a drink made for monarchs, however we want to pass this regal experience to each and every customer purchasing wine from us.

When looking at the UK wine market alone, wine import volume was approximately 1.4 billion liters in 2019. Clearly, people are enjoying wine from all over the world, yet somehow there is still a lot left to be enjoyed that wine lovers haven't discovered. Regibus aims to fill that gap in everyone's wine cabinet by bringing something different. 

As the birthplace of winemaking, the country of Georgia is home to over 500 varieties of indigenous grapes- roughly one-sixth of the world’s total grape varieties. Georgia’s vineyards include endangered vines found nowhere else on earth. Out of these grape varieties, there are over 40 used in commercial wine production. The potential for exploration of all of these wines; with different grape combinations; winemaking methods and regions, all exclusive to Georgia, is limitless. It would take several lifetimes to explore all of these possibilities, but Regibus aims to make this tangible for you.

Currently, Regibus offers the largest selection of Georgian wines within the UK and we aim to keep this legacy by constantly growing our catalogue. We are also very personally involved in picking which wineries to partner with. We individually select intimate wineries that reflect our values based on their wine quality and heritage. From ‘Tsinandali Estate’ being the first winery to bottle wines in Georgia, to ‘Tsereteli wine and spirits’, which was founded by the world renowned Georgian sculptor and painter, Zurab Tsereteli. When shopping with Regibus, rest assured that our selection is of premium quality.

Enjoy exploring our selection of Georgian and wonderful Portuguese ‘Vinho Verde’ wines, as well as the 24 hour tracked delivery service on every order. Wine has been an integral part of connecting us to our friends and family, and we hope to spread this sentiment to help you find that perfect gift for a loved one, or allow yourself to indulge. 

Welcome to the Regibus family!

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