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Quinta D'Amares

Quinta D'Amares are characterised by a secular history and a unique wine heritage in the Portuguese "Vinho Verde" Region. With an extension of vineyards with approximately 50 hectares, they are located in the Portuguese municipality of Amares, in the heart of the Demarcated Region of Vinhos Verdes, in the small village of Sto. André de Rendufe, land of deep and historical religious traditions. 
Their Vinhos Verde wines, which have won several awards in national and international wine competitions, are produced from selected grapes from different varieties and will undoubtedly surprise the drinker with its unique characteristics. Quinta D'Amares wine cellar is equipped with the most modern technology, being perfectly adapted to the needs of production. Transporting the grapes to the winery takes place in a short time, thus ensuring a high quality of the grapes. All materials in contact with wine, namely presses, fermentation tanks and storage are made of stainless steel, which ensures that the fermentation process is carried out according to the highest quality standards.
Their Vinho Verde is a fruity wine, natural, fresh and easy to drink, a great aperitif or an excellent choice in harmony with light and balanced meals: salads, fish, seafood, white meats, tapas and other oriental and international dishes. Quinta D'Amares produces two varieties of products classified as Vinho Verde DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) and Vinho Regional Minho IG. 

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